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Seeds - Sweet Pea

Seeds - Sweet Pea

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Sweet Peas, the much loved annual climbing flowering vine, produce fragrant and delightful flowers in a gorgeous mix of colours for your garden. They look just as lovely in pots and containers as they do in a border. 

The sweet-scented blossoms have a pleasant fragrance like honey and oranges, and show off in many colours such as purple, red, rose, white, pink, blue, scarlet, cream, lavender, salmon.

The compact, bushy plants provide full colour and are perfect for smaller spaces and growing in containers. They typically grow to 60cm to 80cm tall and can be massed without support or can be trained on low trellises, plus they look great scrambling over low shrubs.

Sweet Peas are a prized cut flower, and love to be cut and groomed for increased flower production. They’re easy to grow and excellent for attracting pollinators to your vegetable garden too. Please note that Sweet Pea seeds are poisonous if ingested, these plants are for enjoying as a flower only.

Approx 40 seeds

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