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Staghorn kokedama

Staghorn kokedama

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The stunning staghorn, all wrapped up into a kokedama! Amazingly sculptural and easy care, just place in a bright to medium indirect light position and soak in a bowl of water when the spagnum moss starts to feel dry.


Care information

Keep your kokedama somewhere warm and bright for a week or until it has fully dried out. Then, feel free to display it in a place that suits the requirements of your specific plant.

Watering: When your kokedama is dry and feels light, place it in a bowl of water and let it soak for 10-30 minutes. Take it out and gently squeeze off any excess water. You can fertilise it over the spring/summer months by diluting a suitable fertiliser in the water before soaking.

With good care, your kokedama will last for several years. When a substantial amount of roots have grown out of the kokedama, you may undo the kokedama, and either remake it into a larger ball with fresh soil, or transfer into a pot.

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