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Olea - Olive tree

Olea - Olive tree

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This tree makes an elegant indoor or outdoor feature, growing up to 3m. Likes full sun (6hrs a day). Let the top inch of soil dry out between waterings. Hailing from a Mediterranean climate, Olives can handle the dry air inside your home and don’t need to be misted. 

Pictured in a tower pot


Care information

* I like direct light - at least 6 hours a day
* I like my soil to be well draining, water me when the top inch of my soil is dry. Don’t let me sit in excess water.
* In warmer months water me when my soil it completely dry. In winter don’t water me at all.
* Fertilise me with liquid cactus fertiliser only during warmer months
* Wash me down (in your shower or outside) every couple of months to maintain my health

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