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Seeds - Capsicum 'Yolo Wonder B'

Seeds - Capsicum 'Yolo Wonder B'

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‘Yolo Wonder B’ produces large Capsicums with thick flesh and delicious crisp flavour.

They’re crunchy when raw, sweet when roasted, and make an ideal stuffed pepper. This variety is popular with both fresh market growers and home gardeners.

It produces large blocky capsicums that can reach 10-12cm in length, and 8-10cm across. The fruit change in colour from dark green to a beautiful red as they ripen, and can be harvested when green or red. Regularly harvest the fruits to get a heavier crop over a longer season.

The original Yolo Wonder was developed in Yolo County by Campbell Soup Co in 1952 to be a blockier version of the California Wonder Capsicum. This variety ‘Yolo Wonder B’ is an improvement on that which was developed in 1963 by Ferry-Morse Seed Co.

Approx 50 seeds

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