Evergreen Offices

Evergreen Offices

Office plants can be a tricky one. Busy schedules, aircon blasting, not much sunlight or lots of sunlight, one serial over waterer, the list goes on. The dream of having a beautiful office space with thriving plants boosting morale & improving the air quality can seem a bit too much to ask. It's not! You just need our help, *wink wink*.

Plants are an excellent way to make a space feel relaxing & comfortable to work in. They are proven to boost air quality, & can absorb air pollutants (ideal for an office space as they're often near the city!). Studies have shown that having some leafy friends in the office helps boost productivity, & they're also just really pretty to look at, so that's a plus on it's own!

The best kind of office plant is a tough one. Different offices have different plants that will suit them best and without a lot of plant knowledge it's hard to know where to start.

We'll be breaking this list down into 4 categories - Low Light, Sun Lovers, Too Much or Too Little Water, & Completely Bomb Proof. This way you know exactly what works for your office.

• Low Light 

All plants need at least a smidge of light to survive, but these guys will tolerate a shady corner or an office with less windows than you'd prefer. Just remember, most of these plants will need less watering than in a bright office, so make sure to check before you water. 


An awesome, lush plant that doesn't need much light at all. These can grow into great indoor trees, looking stunning next to a desk or in a corner. Some dracaena can also do bright light conditions, like the Dracaena 'Draco'

Dracaena Aloha 

Pothos sp.

Pothos species are a great one. Trailing goodness for up high or on a desk, & they have some gorgeous varying colours. Looks gorgeous in the Kristina Dam serene flowerpot.

Manjula Pothos

Rhipsalis ssp.

This is another good trailing guy. More of a jungle vibe, these prefer a little more light, but will still tolerate a low light area. They also come in many different subspecies, but our favourite is the 'Paradoxa' variant. This would look really gorgeous planted into a low Helena Grey pot.

Rhipsalis 'Paradoxa'

Parlour Palm / Chamaedorea 'Elegans'

We love a good palm, & this one is a best seller (& a classic!). Super lush, & very tolerant of low light. Just make sure you remember to water! 

Chamaedorea 'Elegans'. These look beautiful in our large Vig planters (coming soon)

• Sun Lovers 

Plants love light, but too much light for the wrong plant can be a recipe for disaster, especially if it needs regular watering to thrive. Thankfully there are some plants that don't give a hoot about regular watering or hot sun. 

Bird of Paradise / Strelitzia ssp.

The perfect tall glass of water for a sunny corner, needing very little water & thriving off brightness, these are an elegant plant for the office. 

Strelitzia 'Nicolai' with Dichondra 'Silver Falls' underplanting. We love these in our Riverstone Plaza planters. 
Aloe spp.
Easy as anything, just needs sun & a good water through when the soil looks really dry. These guys come in a lot of different variants so pick your fave! 

Aloe 'Bush Baby Yellow' in Pistachio pot.

Chain of Hearts / Ceropegia Woodii

The perfect trailer for a sunny spot! These are stunning & delicate, growing so easily and only need water very occasionally. You can tell when they're thirsty as the leaves will go a little wrinkled. These guys look stunning in a Parlour Vase.

Ceropegia 'Woodii'

• Too Much or Too Little Water 

Whether it's hard to find the time to water anything in your office, or you have someone who absolutely loves watering, there'll be something in here for you. 

ZZ / Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (No water)

These are basically un-killable if you tend to under-water or forget to water. Do not water these guys until the soil is completely dry, as they have thick tuber like roots & can hold on to water for a very long time. They also don't mind being in lower light, as they won't tolerate full sun. 

ZZ 'Raven', Looking lovely in our White Costa Pot.
Rabbit's Foot Fern (Lots of water)
These guys are a little more of a hardy fern, but they really love a regular water. You could most likely water these once or twice a week & they should be quite happy. Keep in a shadier spot please!
Rabbits Foot Fern in Hoff raw grey pot & glazed green saucer

• Completely Bomb Proof 

If you're looking for something from this list that can basically survive an apocalypse, we would opt for either the ZZ plant, Dracaena, or Chain of Hearts.

Special mention to Snake plants!

We hope this list hits the spot for you and you're bursting with awesome ideas for your office space! If you're still not quite sure, we offer site visits where we come to your office & have a good look at the space, so we can be positively positive that the plants we select will look amazing for years to come.
We also offer ongoing maintenance if you're really not feeling confident.
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