Bloomin' Hoyas

Bloomin' Hoyas

Is your beloved hoya refusing to bloom?

Hoyas are an awesome plant, renowned for their vast array of different colours, leaves, blooms and fragrances. There are literally hundreds of different kinds, & thats almost understating it. That said, it can take a bit off effort to see those fabled blooms in all their varying amazing-ness. Hoyas are picky about when they decide to bloom, needing the right light, watering schedule, nutrients, & age.

Here’s our two cents to ensure your hoya will bloom.


This is arguably the most important one. Hoyas need a nice bright light source to flower. Place in a window that gets about 2 hours of sun a day. Monitor your hoya to make sure it's getting the right light, as different hoyas have slightly different light requirements.

Leggy hoyas - not enough sun.

Yellow or crispy brown - too much sun, help! 


Hoyas benefit from being fed well, especially if they’ve been in the same soil for a while. Fertilise with an NPK or our fantastic orchid fertiliser in their growing season (Spring & Summer). Hoyas can be fed through both leaves and soil.

Correct Watering

Make sure you aren’t watering your hoya too much. Healthy roots are essential for a blooming hoya. Water only when the leaves start to wrinkle slightly and ensure your soil & pot have good drainage. A good soil mix can help with this- something well draining, you can do designer mix of this with things like coco chips, orchid bark, perlite, & coco coir, or if you'd prefer you can use cacti mix.


Have patience! Hoya can take a long time to finally bloom - they prefer to reach maturity first. A hoya cutting can take about 5 years to bloom, so don't stress if your hoya hasn't bloomed yet- if she's happy and growing, & you're following these tips, she will.

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