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Kiwi Char Soil Enhancer

Kiwi Char Soil Enhancer

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Kiwichar organic soil enhancer boosts soil moisture retention, soil nutrient retention, carbon sequestration, and microbial activity, while enhancing plant shooting and rooting.

Kiwichar is a Biochar made from organic (Biogro certified) non-treated Radiata pine. This organic material optimises the ability of the product to retain and purify water as well as make available associated nutrients - either applied or within the soil.

Mix with soil when creating gardens, propagating cuttings, repotting plants, or to top-dress potted plants.

  • Plant root depths have been observed to increase by more than 40%

  • Significantly greater root system strength and associated fruiting and vigour of plants have been observed after incorporating biochar into soil.

  • Biochar can reduce water consumption of the soil by up to 40%.

Charging - Where possible we recommend allowing your Kiwichar to ‘weather’. Ideally you will be able to pre-mix Kiwichar with your chosen compost/ soil / fertiliser and leave it outside for a minimum of 10 days before use. This is called charging and will serve to kick start the mix prior to you applying.


Made in NZ

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