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Chamaedorea microspadix

Chamaedorea microspadix

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Add instant height and a lush tropical feel to your home. It has multiple slender, bamboo-like stems that give way to an abundance of soft fronds on the tops. Perfect as a statement plant.

Chamaedorea are the tried and true crème de la crème indoor palm. Easy care, water weekly to prevent the soil drying out. Ensure good drainage, and make sure it isn’t standing in water. Fertilise lightly over spring-summer. keep an eye out for mealy bug

Prefers some shelter from the wind if grown outside

She grows to a manageable size, with multiple stems reaching 2.5m after 10 years.

Available in:

25L 1.3m tall x 8cm wide

45L 1.6m tall x 90cm wide

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