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Senecio jacobsenii: Trailing Jade

Senecio jacobsenii: Trailing Jade

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Hardy succulent ground cover or hanging.

Indoor or outdooor, great in a hanging basket.

Full sun, water regularly.


Care information

Origin: I hail from sunny South Africa, where there's warmth and light abound.

Light: Bright, indirect light suits me best; avoid harsh afternoon sun.

Watering: Let my soil dry out between sips; I prefer moderation.

Soil: Sandy, well-draining soil keeps me grounded but not waterlogged.

Fertilization: A diluted balanced fertilizer every few weeks keeps me nourished.

Pruning: A trim now and then helps me keep my shape and stay bushy.

Propagation: Take a cutting and watch me grow- I'm super easy to propagate!

Pests/Diseases: Watch for bugs; a gentle wash with insecticidal soap keeps me pest-free.

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