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Rhipsalis 'Paradoxa'

Rhipsalis 'Paradoxa'

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Rhipsalis, also known as mistletoe cactus, are a family of epiphytic cacti that inhabit tropical rainforests. Interestingly, these are the only cacti native to the Old World (Europe, Asia and Africa). With over 35 different Rhipsalis species, that all look just as impressive- you’d best be starting a collection

Rhipsalis are super hardy and can tolerate a range of conditions including very low light. However, these babies thrive in bright, indirect light, and can handle direct morning/evening light. Water once the top inch or two of soil becomes dry.

Rhipsalis paradoxa doesn’t muck around when it comes to cascading, with thick, almost braided-looking stems than can reach several meters in length.



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