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Pachira 'Aquatica' - Money Tree

Pachira 'Aquatica' - Money Tree

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Also known as the money tree, these stunning little plants, hailing from the swamps of Central & South America and part of the Mallow family, make a great addition to the collection. Thick woody trunks with big umbrella like leaves make for an eye catching plant. Water when dry as the trunks are great at storing water, and place in a bright indirectly lit spot. At maturity these can grow quite tall given the right conditions. These beautiful plants have been thought for centuries to bring luck and prosperity to their owner.


Care information

* I come from Central & South America, I'm also related to the mallow family!
* Water when soil is dry as my trunk can hold a lot of water.
* Please don't put me in full sun, but I do like a bright indirectly lit spot.

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