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Nephrolepis macho

Nephrolepis macho

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This plant really lives up to its name. He's a big boy! Gorgeous arching fronds- and a lot of them- occupy any space excellently. Likes to have it's soil consistently moist- not wet, and can be grown in a shady spot outdoors, or will be content pretty much anywhere without direct sun indoors. Excellent low fuss fern. 


Care information

* I’m native to Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central America, South America, Polynesia and Africa
* I like filtered light and can tolerate low light conditions and I don’t like to get too cold
* Water me with room temperature water when my soil is dry to touch (not bone dry) and water till it comes out the holes in the bottom of my pot. Don’t let me sit in water or overwater as the rhizomes will rot.
* use a diluted (half strength) liquid fertiliser in the growing season
* not toxic to pets

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