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Monstera obliqua epipremnoides

Monstera obliqua epipremnoides

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This crazy looking guy is a rare find. With huge, holey leaves and a beautiful lime green colouring, this monstera species is a conversation starter. Thankfully, although a somewhat rare plant, it is a little more forgiving than most. Place in a bright indirectly lit area, and water when the soil is just starting to go dry on top to keep her happy.  


Care information

* I'm from Mexico & Central America!
* I like balanced light but not direct sunlight yellow leaves usually signify too much sun.
* Water me evenly and moderately about once a week, wait until the soil is fairly dry before re watering. Mist my leaves when you can.
* I love to grow up trees, so to simulate this you can use a coir or moss pole in my pot.
* If I’m growing excessively keep me in a smaller pot rather than potting up and pinch out new growth.

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