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Ficus shivereana

Ficus shivereana

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Ficus shivereana is a stunning version of the elastica/rubber plant family, with bright lime green, dark green, and everything in between on her leaves. Care for her by keeping her soil evenly moist and putting her in a bright to medium light spot. 


Care information

* I’m native to South and Southeast Asia
* Im a tough but easy going indoor plant that can reach staggering heights within just a few years.
* I can grow really tall or you can prune me to keep me smaller if you like
* When you prune me be wary of the sap which should be washed off as it can irritate skin and eyes.
* I like a well lit spot but not in the direct sun if possible as my leaves can burn
* I like a good soaking - maybe give me a cold shower once in a while that will also help dust my leaves, but I dislike being constantly damp so water really well once the soil surface and top inch

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