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Epipremnum 'cebu blue'

Epipremnum 'cebu blue'

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Epipremnum cebu blue is a stunning addition to your collection. With gorgeous sage-y blue leaves and subtle fenestrations, this tropical vine looks gorgeous in a hanging planter, trailing from the pot, or it can even be staked to a pole, which encourages mature leaves and more fenestrations. It enjoys an evenly moist soil, watering every one to two weeks in the warmer months, and a bright indirectly lit area. An easy care plant with lush, beautiful results. 


Care information

* I am native to asia.
* I like a warm position with low to bright indirect light.
* Water me regularly in summer once the top of my soil is dry, I prefer my soil to be moist, but not sodden. Allow excess water to drain away from plant. Water me less in winter.
* Add indoor plant slow release fertiliser 3 times a year, do not over fertilise.
* In my natural habitat I grow up tree trunks so train me up a coir or moss pole.

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