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Dragon's tail: Epipremnum pinnatum

Dragon's tail: Epipremnum pinnatum

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She’s a stunner, with dark green foliage and attractive split leaves. Slightly different to Rhaphidophora decursiva, which has more monstera-like leaves. This guy's leaves are slightly thinner and have longer, thinner fenestrations. 

Prefers warm shade, water well in summer
Happily climbs, hangs or traverses

plant only, purchase pot separately


Care information

* I am native to asia.
* I like a warm position with low to bright indirect light.
* Water me regularly in summer once the top of my soil is dry, I prefer my soil to be moist, but not sodden. Allow excess water to drain away from plant. Water me less in winter.
*Add indoor plant slow release fertiliser 3 times a year, do not over fertilise.
*In my natural habitat I grow up tree trunks so train me up a coir or moss pole in my pot.

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