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Dicksonia fibrosa kokedama

Dicksonia fibrosa kokedama

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Stunning Wheki Ponga kokedama, made by Lucy! We've made these in XL and XXL versions, they are so cool! The smaller version looks amazing in our Antique Original Wooden Bowl.


Care information

* I'm native to Aotearoa!
* Keep me as wet as possible please!
* I need my trunk to be sprayed and misted down regularly as its part of my root system.
* To water a Kokedama place it in a vessel (bowl, sink or similar) and fill will water. Leave it to soak for ten minutes. Remove from vessel and gently shake excess water.
* Moss can be spritzed in between waterings to keep in moist. It may turn a greeny tone, this is perfectly normal.
* Fertilising can occur at the same time as a watering - just dilute fertiliser into the water. For frequency of fertilising please see specific plant care instructions.

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