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Curio rowleyanus 'string of pearls'

Curio rowleyanus 'string of pearls'

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A sought-after, trailing succulent with pea-like leaves on slender stems

This little guy likes the brightest, indirect light, and can happily tolerate a few hours of morning/evening direct sun. We’ve found they like an east facing window and warm temps

Well draining soil is a must- and be careful not to overwater or leave it sitting in water. Water when the top two inches of soil have completely dried out. Keep an eye on the pearls; if they’ve popped or are turning a dark colour, it’s had too much water. If they’re shrivelled- please give it a drink

Fertilise monthly with a cacti/succulent liquid feed over the warmer seasons.

This cute little succulent can grow tendrils as long as 1m, and have sweet little flowers that smell like cinnamon

Mildly toxic to pets

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