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Ctenanthe 'Grey Star'

Ctenanthe 'Grey Star'

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A popular type of Ctenanthe for good reason! Stunning blue grey leaves with dark green veining, and long maroon stems to top it all off. What a show off! These plants need high humidity and regular watering to thrive, but don't feel like a bad plant parent if the edges of the leaves get a little crispy- they still do that even in their native environment. 

Shown in Julian Planter (first photo) (sold seperately). 


Care information

* I’m Brazilian
* I like bright light, but not direct sun. If you see burn spots on the leaves, reduce sun exposure, a south or east position is great, I don’t like to get too cold
* A native of the Brazilian rain forest, I like a moist environment. Misting helps provide humidity, Watering correctly is important Keep the soil moist but allow the top inch to dry out before watering again, don’t let me plant sit in too much water or overwater as my rhizomes will rot.
* use a diluted (half strength) liquid fertiliser in the growing season 

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