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Aquaticus Garden Booster

Aquaticus Garden Booster

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Aquaticus garden booster is an all-purpose natural and organic fertiliser that feeds plants, helps increase and promote healthy soil biology, and create healthy soil.

Contains fish by-products, seaweed, natural humic/fulvic acid, omega 3, and trichoderma- a beneficial fungi that promotes root growth and helps protect the plant from soil and airborne fungal problems.

Foliar Feed: Dilute 5-10ml per litre of water. Spray on leaves 1-2 times a month

Liquid Feed: Dilute 25-50ml per litre of water. Apply to soil once a month during growing seasons.

Available in 500mL, 2L, 10L

Also available in 2L with garden hose attachment for easy outdoor application

Made in NZ

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