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Anigozanthos subsp. (Kangaroo Paws)

Anigozanthos subsp. (Kangaroo Paws)

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A herbaceous perennial, commonly known as Kangaroo paw, this plant has velvety blooms on upright, red-haired stems that rise above clumps of green sword-like foliage. A compact gem that will provide months of stunning colour for dry gardens. Ideal for smaller beds and patio containers. Spectacular planted en masse. Remove spent bloom stems to encourage rebloom. 

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Care information

Origin: Native to Australia, I thrive in warm, sunny climates.

Light: Provide 6 hours of sunlight daily, in full sun to partial shade.

Watering: Deep watering, allowing soil to slightly dry between waterings.

Soil: Well-draining mix, like sandy loam or native plant potting mix.

Fertilization: Balanced fertilizer during spring and summer.

Pruning: Remove spent flowers and trim yellowing leaves.

Propagation: Divide in spring.

Pests/Diseases: Watch for aphids, snails; ensure good air circulation.

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