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Alocasia 'Bambino'

Alocasia 'Bambino'

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A dwarf variety, this sweet little alocasia brings a tropical lushness without taking up much space.

Like all Alocasia, this guy loves humidity, so will benefit from a pebble tray or humidifier. Because of its small size, bambino is an ideal for a terrarium or paludarium cabinet

Give it bright, indirect light, and water when the top two inches of soil have dried out. Fertilise monthly spring-autumn.

13cm pot diameter


H 30cm

Care information

* I’m native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia.
* I like a warm spot in bright indirect sunlight
* I like to be planted in a well-draining, porous potting mix
* Water when the top inch of my soil is dry & mist my leaves to raise humidity.
* Fertilise with indoor plant fertiliser once a month during spring and summer.

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