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Calathea 'Jungle Rose'

Calathea 'Jungle Rose'

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Super full and lush dark green foliage with pink variegation.
This beautiful Calathea will be happy in most parts of your house as long as it’s receiving bright, indirect light.
Water once the top inch of soil has dried out. Fertilise with a dilute liquid feed monthly over spring-summer.

Watch the leaves lift and drop with night and day

35cmH x 30cmW


Care information

* I'm native to the tropical americas.
* I like indirect light and can grow well in low light,. If you see burn spots on the leaves, reduce sun exposure.
* I like to be watered regularly allowing my soil to dry out slighting in between waterings.
* Fertilise me with my weekly watering using a liquid fertiliser in the growing season.

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